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Website Progress Report - week one

Updated: Aug 4

Captions & Credits:

This morning I sailed my Yankee!

This afternoon I got back to work on the YOD website. Last week, I moved the site from WordPress to Wix by starting with just the most important pages: I think it was just "home" and "about." There's a ton of content to add -- old and new.

I've started using pop-out Wix lightboxes to caption and credit some of these amazing sailing images on the main pages. That allows for the inclusion of as much info as possible about each photo. Sometimes there's more than one boat, a location, a photographer, date, as well as the family or museum who shared the image, etc.

Boat Pages and Boat Images

My next task will be the individual boat pages. I need to track down some of the content. I'm setting up Adobe Lightroom to connect with the Wix site, so I can keep all the different boat images organized, and make sure that I'm always using the best version of an image. It should take me about another week, at least, to get the photos and the boat pages set up, and that's my next milestone.

Boat Blogs:

Plus I'm trying to get back in touch with folks and get the boat blogs set up. YOD owners, please email me about that, if you haven't heard from me yet!


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