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Monday July 24, 2023

Hello Yankee One-Design Community,

Great news: I moved our website to a new home on Wix, where it's easier to use.

You may have noticed some changes; the site's pages were pared down for the move. But we're not downsizing, just reorganizing - I plan to add more content and functionality over the next weeks.

I'm especially excited about how easy it is now for YOD boat owners to write their own blog entries. This makes it easier for our Yankee One-Design community to keep in touch and trade stories about news and adventures.

Thanks to everyone for your patience now, during this website's transition from WordPress to Wix. I'm going to try to work on this new site every day or so -- and I'm going try to get down to the boat every day this summer too, if I can. I'm excited to be sailing Y43 Gemini this summer, and excited to be working on the website again, and look forward to sharing both adventures here with you.

How You Can Contribute to this Site...

YOD boat owners and sailors can write a blog posts on this site. Topics can be news and updates and history about your favorite YOD sailboat, or your favorite YOD sailing tips, or memories of things like races, building, cruising, maintaining, or just loving a Yankee One-Design sailboat.

If you are a YOD sailboat owner, or someone who has something to say about these wonderful boats and I haven't emailed you yet, please contact me so we can get back in touch!

Fair winds,


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