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4 Yankee One-Design Mysteries

1) The Mystery Sailboats

Three YOD owners don't know the original identity of their sailboat. This includes the name, racing number, and builder, and early history of their boat.

We have a directory of YOD sailboats, and have narrowed down to a handful of candidates: these are the missing boats...

2) The Missing Boats

We still don't know what happened to many of the Yankee One-Design sailboats. Are they retired, still sailing somewhere, or maybe in a barn.

Three of these missing boats are actually one of the mystery boats. But which one is which?

Running Backstays

what's the most effecient way to use running backstays. We don't use them on Lake Union, so I too am curious to learn how they work best. Matt Belson raised the big rigging question:

Do You Use Running Backstays on your YOD?

  • 0%Yes, 100% of the time

  • 0%Yes, most of the time

  • 0%Only when racing

  • 0%Only in a gale

3) Missing Email Addresses

When our last website broke, we couldn't contact some of the people who had made comments. We would love to get in touch with these people. If one of these people is you, or you know how we can reach them, please contact us now. We are looking for you!

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